You’ve only a few minutes before meeting friends for lunch at Kona Cafe, but you can’t resist the opportunity to visit one of your favorite spots. Sitting atop a knoll overlooking the Polynesian Resort bungalows, your bench calls for you to come and rest. It’s another glorious late spring day and the Seven Seas Lagoon shimmers in the midday Florida sunshine. To the left, the elegance of the Grand Floridian Resort is on display. To the right, you can see the modern Contemporary Resort contrasted by a sidewheeler steamship ferrying guests from the Magic Kingdom to the TTC. Cinderella’s Castle draws your attention back to center. Despite all of the activity around you, this space always feels so peaceful. Secluded in plain sight. The serenading Hawaiian folk music could lull you into a nap were it not for the persistent tropical bird who serves to remind you that it’s time for lunch. Mahalo.

Viewing Notes
This moment was recorded in traditional HD video and can be enjoyed on any device. Use headphones to more fully immerse yourself in 3D sound.