Come with me on a brief tour of the Arusha Rock savanna overlook area at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. While midday means most large animals are off resting in the shade, we find the birds readying themselves for a meal and cooling off waterside. Your ears are filled with the ambient sound of African music, the occasional cicada, and the soft conversation of nearby cast members. This is a great time of day to visit the overlook if you’re particularly interested in having the space virtually to yourself and being able to engage in interesting conversation with cast members about their home countries.

Viewing Notes
This moment was recorded in 3D 180 degree video and is best enjoyed with a virtual reality headset. However, it can also be enjoyed from your computer browser or phone, using your finger to pan or moving your physical position for an augmented reality effect. Use headphones to more fully immerse yourself in 3D sound. Note that the video may appear distorted on some browsers. If you’re viewing on your computer, it is recommended that you use the Google Chrome browser.