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Slow down, don’t move too fast. We’re going to make The Oasis last…

OK, maybe not words to a new great song, but the idea is a sound one: on your way to enjoying the incredible Animal Kingdom park at Walt Disney World, don’t bypass this initial scene that was carefully created by Disney Imagineers to gently transition you from the world outside to the educational, entertaining, and emotional journey you will be taken on as you experience the animal kingdom, both real and imagined.

Viewing the park as a nice meal, The Oasis represents the amuse-bouche of the park, a unique element among the Disney parks. While you’re only steps from the Park’s thrilling attractions, The Oasis begins to gradually immerse and introduce you to the sights, sounds, and soul of this park. Surrounded by lush tropical gardens, the sound of bird calls, waterfalls, and occasional laughter, this space can easily lull you into a state of relaxation. That’s the idea. And now you’re more ready to connect with the wondrous nature of Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Viewing Notes
This moment was recorded in 5K 3D 180° video and is best enjoyed with a virtual reality headset but can also be enjoyed from your computer browser or phone, using your finger to pan or moving your physical position for heightened effect. Use headphones to more fully immerse yourself in the ambient sounds of the space. Not seeing in 3D? Try viewing on a desktop browser or head over to YouTube to view it either in your smartphone app or on a VR headset.

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