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In this experimental episode, we spend several minutes relaxing on the Main Post Lawn (formerly the parade grounds) of San Francisco’s Presidio. The Presidio is home to the Walt Disney Family Museum, and this is the space you first encounter when visiting. The lawn is also a popular place for families to picnic and to take in the refreshing environment of the Golden Gate area. Today we’re arriving to the museum just as the marine cloud layer is beginning to drift into San Francisco. The views here are stunning, and you can almost feel the contrast of the warm summer air meeting the crisp damp fog rolling in.

Why experimental? First, this was one of the first videos I filmed of a non-park related space. I am excited to introduce Disney fans to new places, especially those that don’t obviously come to mind when thinking about Walt Disney. I’m looking to discover whether these types of videos and settings resonate with viewers. Second, in post production, I tried to balance providing the real ambient sound without overly irritating the listener’s ears with wind noise. This is a notoriously breezy area, especially for this time of day. Hopefully, the dialed down wind noise will still evoke the feeling of being there and witnessing the changing sky. All sounds are real and from the actual time of recording, including fog horns, airplanes, families playing, dogs barking, and even motorcycles passing by.

Viewing Notes
This moment was recorded in 5K 3D 180° video but can also be enjoyed from your computer browser or phone, using your finger to pan or moving your physical position for heightened effect. Use headphones to more fully immerse yourself in the ambient sounds of the space.

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