✨ That moment when you’re sitting just steps from the entry to The Magic Kingdom. Listening to the music, hearing the horns form the arriving ferries, watching the passing Monorails bringing guests to their next adventure. The energetic excitement is palpable here...and we haven’t even ...stepped into the park!

🇲🇽 I adore these Alebrijes for sale in Epcot’s Mexico Pavilion. In the movie Coco, these creatures come to life as spirit guides. While Alebrijes are not traditionally tied to Dia de los Muertos, the film’s creators worked this fantastical artwork into the movie. Crafting of Alebrijes are... celebrated during festivals in Mexico and many of these are hand carved and painted on-site in front of Epcot guests! I may be adopting one of these very soon! 🥰

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This particular trolley ride was one of the last before Disneyland closed its gates to the public for more than a year. I had completely forgotten about this moment. I had forgotten that it had been recorded ...and unshared. To find it now, just weeks before the parks reopen with new safety protocols in place, was to feel like I stumbled on a suspension of worry, a break from the reality that was brewing outside this “Happiest Place on Earth.”

From our vantage point, we glimpse eager guests strolling up and down Main Street, U.S.A. before concerns about lockdowns or mask-wearing. There is a moving significance here. Poignant, even. This place, which unfailingly welcomed thousands of guests, day after day, year after year…suddenly and totally halted by circumstances on the outside.

Now, we are reminded of that privilege, of that unencumbered joy. Perhaps, even, we cherish it more than we did then. Something as simple as a trolley ride ride down Main Street, a scenic journey from Town Square to the charm of Sleeping Beauty Castle; it all means just a little bit more than it did before. In view of that renewed appreciation, we can hope for more mornings like these, and anticipate with resounding gratitude the chance to be here with the magic together, again. 🤗

🇳🇴 Epcot’s Norway mixes reduced scale reproductions of this Scandinavian country’s architecture to create a charming village that never was, yet feels familiar.

✨Imagineers have beautifully represented four styles of Norwegian architecture: Setesdal, Bergen, Oslo, and Ålesund.... From the grass roofed Detli House of Trondheim to Oslo’s Akershus Castle and Fortress to the reconstructed 13th century Gol Stave Church (now located at the Norsk Folkemuseum in Bygdøy), this pavilion unassumingly calls out to be explored.

⛲️ This week I had the great pleasure of exploring the grounds of Coronado Springs Resort and filming the Casitas courtyards. While I had previously visited Gran Destino Tower, Three Bridges, and strolled the shoreline of Lago Dorado many times, I had never taken the time to checkout the ...various villages and their accompanying patios and fountains. 🤗 If you haven’t had the opportunity to do so, I would encourage you to do the same. It very much changed my opinion of this “convention” resort — opening my eyes and my heart to its many special spaces and family friendly environment full of scenes that have been wonderfully Imagineered by Disney!

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🥰 Today was the first time I was able to once again enjoy the Grand Floridian pianist’s performance since the resort reopened. It caught me off guard in the best kind of way and gave me chills. Literally! This kind of moment is at the heart of what I love most about Disney.

🥰 I really can’t get enough of this resort. So glad that my buddies are staying here this week, giving me an excuse to visit every day! 🤗

🇮🇹 Epcot’s re-imagineering of St. Mark’s Square has always been beautiful at night, but is was especially magical yesterday evening, adorned with countless Festival floral arrangements! 🌺