In each of our little corners of the world, there is a pace we set our rhythms to, a cadence to which we subconsciously attune as we move in and out of our everyday spaces. But whenever we pursue new horizons…the rhythm begins to change. There is an ease that seems reflected all around us, ...inspiring a renewed sort of spring in our step. The more we give ourselves over to the journey, the more our wanderings seem to reveal. Here is where the rhythm becomes a song, a variation. Here is where we learn a new dance.

In Hawaii, “Aloha” is so much more than a greeting. It is a guiding light, a source of inspiration, wisdom, and truth. “Aloha” can be a declaration of love or a word of encouragement, but it often refers to a rhythm which the people of the islands match their pace with each and every day. “‘Imi Ola” is a vision and value of “Aloha,” meaning to “seek best life.” In Hawaii, each new day is a precious and ephemeral treasure, and every moment is purposeful and intentional, guided by a spirit connected to something greater than themselves: this profound pursuit of joy and contentment, happiness and lasting peace.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Whether you call it the Spirit of Aloha or just being Here With the Magic, the rhythms that accompany us help determine whether we will find what we seek. If we begin each day with the conviction that we will seek joy and wonder within it, that we will go about our lives aspiring to embody the “‘Imi Ola,” then joy and wonder are what we’re more likely to find. The Magic needs nothing from us other than our belief, our hope, our active pursuit. Set your pace to that rhythm in every moment of every day, and watch what happens. 🌺

Music: Tranquility Sphere by Francis Wells


Magic seems to wash ashore with each crash of the waves onto the white sand beaches of Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay. Like seashells scattered along the water’s edge, this island is home to so many unique and beautiful memories, blissful reveries, and joyful moments spent beneath the ...bright Bahamian sky. Warm sunshine, a gentle wind, the salty sea air…it’s a picturesque escape to a tropical paradise, a place where the days stretch on, endless as the ocean reaching out beyond the horizon.

In the distance, our charted vessel is poised for its return to the open sea. A beacon of wanderlust and adventure, it has been our convoy to serenity, our advocate for adventure, escorting is to the furthest reaches of the world. Right Here, right now, this is our oasis, our haven from reality, our Magical escape. 🌊

Music: Pursuing Tikiness by The Fly Guy Five


Suffused in the soft semidarkness of twilight, this bustling Oaxacan Mercado is at the heart of life and culture Here inside the Mexico pavilion. Fresh citrus and vibrant spice intermingle in the eternal evening air, while a vibrant orchestration of mariachi vocals and strings soar into the indigo ...sky. Lanterns flicker into life from porticos and verandahs to join the candlelit vigils of ofrendas honoring the lives and afterlives of loved ones and the legacies they have left behind for us to discover. Here, every moment is a celebration, every day a precious gift to be made memorable. Magic is manifested through laughter and song, a shared meal or a peaceful cruise down the River of Time.

The authenticity and elaborate storytelling we encounter Here at EPCOT and across Walt Disney World are a testament to the wondrous places and colorful narratives of the people and places which inspire them. Families and communities whose traditions have been passed down through the generations have found their way Here, where we are invited to experience their transcendent Magic. Every resounding tone, every delectable bite, every quiet alcove…every moment is an opportunity to be transported to the lively streets of Mexico. So come along with us, vamos! Grab some maracas, don a serape, and give yourself over to the endless fiesta that is the quintessence of life in this place. Exhilarating and incandescent with joy, you’ll find a warm welcome will always await you Here, in the abiding twilight of this charming Mercado. ¡Viva Mexico! 🇲🇽

Music: Bewildered by Alysha Sheldon


Bright Suns, travelers! Welcome to the Black Spire Outpost, Here on the remote planet Batuu. Situated at the very edge of the Outer Rim territories in the remote outskirts of the Galaxy, Batuu is a far, far away encampment for both the light and dark sides of the Force, a hideaway for the most ...rebellious rabble-rousers of the Resistance that has been infiltrated by the night of the First Order. From the moment we glimpse those gleaming spires and step into the open-air marketplace, we are invited not only to experience this epic saga, but to find our place among its ranks. Immersive beyond compare and so painstakingly detailed, this is a place that eradicates all thoughts of the outside world. While we’re Here on Batuu, we leave any semblance of reality behind us. Eyes wide with wonder and refusal to miss a single moment, we are captivated, enthralled, transported as if by lightspeed to the far-flung reaches of the Galaxy.

Today, we find a pervasive tranquility throughout the entirety of Black Spire Outpost, clandestine and quiet in the early morning stillness. The absence of droids bustling about in the streets, Stormtroopers interrogating suspected Resistance “scum,” and the sounds of raucous revelry from inside Oga’s Cantina has lent a beautiful serenity to this Outer Rim oasis, if only for a moment. Until the Force awakens and the inhabitants of Galaxy’s Edge along with it, we find peace and solitude in this place. Become lost in this boundless universe and the story so beloved by generations. Feel your spirit transported somewhere new, somewhere Magical, somewhere in a Galaxy Far, Far Away.

May the Force be with you. ‘Til the spire! ☀️

Music: A Fool's Errand by Jon Bjork


Welcome to the EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival - a celebration of the vibrant colors, intoxicating scents and bursts of life that envelop us in the renewal of spring as it harbingers the vibrancy of summertime. Butterflies flit from flower to flower, wishing their bumblebee ...colleagues well in passing as they pollinate. Be Here among them, and pause to (literally and figuratively) smell the flowers. This space is a perfect example of that Magic brought to life in a natural, living carousel of color.

Alice (of Wonderland fame) once said that we can learn a lot of things from the flowers, so take a moment today to step away from your routines, the call of your agenda, the obligations laid forth for you. Listen to the flowers. Listen, too, to the birds chirping, the buzz of the bees, the breeze as it disrupts the stillness with cooling gentility. All of these seemingly insignificant, everyday occurrences have come together to cultivate something that cannot be recreated. They have gathered together and held everything still and serene and perfect for us. How Magical, how wonderful, how perfectly sublime. These are the quiet moments of joy that we find Magic in every day, not just Here, but all around us. So stop and smell the flowers in your own backyard today. Who knows, you may even learn something from them. Be still and let the Magic that is here surround and delight you, uplift you and bring you impenetrable joy. 🌷

Music: The Promising by Howard Harper-Barnes


It’s time to set sail toward a new horizon. Each dawn brings with it renewal; as far and wide as the sun reaches across the sky is how far we too can reach, imagine, pursue. We welcome you to shed your inhibitions and feel fortified by the crisp morning breeze carrying us across Bay Lake. It ...doesn’t matter where we’re going. What matters is that we decidedly chose to be Here, on this vast, beautiful Bay Lake, where enchanting pastel hues dance across the clouds. Listen to the lapping of the waves, soothing and metronomic. Nothing can intrude on this moment. It is yours.

Wherever you are right now, we are so excited to bring our unique perception of Magic to you. Around Here, we find that magic truly does exist all around us - quiet moments of joy and reflection amidst and above the chaos of daily life. Today, we hope you’ll look around your own backyard, neighborhood, or city, and seek out some of those spaces you may have been overlooking for some time. Rest in them, revel in them. Find the Magic hiding in plain sight. We’ll be Here with your daily dose of perspective, and a little bit of Magic, too. Be well.

Music: Sleeping Among Stars by Gavin Luke


Aloha, welcome to the shores of Ko Olina, Hawaii, and the treasure trove of serenity it holds for you. A gentle adagio of sparkling waves rolls in and then away, steadfast in returning with another story from the sea.

Bejeweled by the sunlight and in perfect gradients of blue, the edges of... sky and sea seem to go on forever. There is nothing beyond and yet, there is everything. There is space here: to dream, to hope, to desire and imagine. Let your spirit be in tandem with the tide; oscillating between where you’ve been and where you’re going…or more precisely, how far you’ll go.

As the shore is assured of the sea’s faithful return, so can you be that these quiet moments of joy will be held for you, steadfast and unwavering. To encourage you, inspire you, comfort you…however you need to be Here With us, we are Here With you. Mahalo. 🌊

Music: Wren by S.A.


Everywhere you look on this lovely Bella Notte, there is splendor and moonlit Magic on the waters of the charming Riviera. Romantic and serene in the balmy evening breeze, this retreat is filled with daydreams of faraway destinations. For those who have dipped their toes in the azure waters of the ...Cinque Terre or strolled beneath a sky dazzled with stars in Saint-Tropez, an evening spent among the towering palms and elegant courtyards Here at Walt Disney World might inspire a trip down memory lane.

Two worlds separated by miles and oceans, the reminiscent nuances of this space bring about inspiration and wonder, a chance to be transported to places we may never set foot in, all in a single evening. Every moment is rich with joy and touched by Disney Magic. Let it sweep you off your feet and carry you away into an evening of serenity Here on the incomparable, indelible Riviera. 🌙

Music: Evenings by Sebastian Winskog


There is something so intimate, so gentle about a backyard garden. It is a sanctuary, a private escape from the outside world and its insatiable demands. It is a place where time matters not, where a benevolent breeze carries away the deliberations of the day.

This particular scene finds ...us in the garden of an late spring morning. The air is mild and the breeze is playful, dancing off cherry tree leaves, long since abandoned by the blossoms of springtime. Delicate, pale purple lilacs devote their sweet aroma so selflessly to the wind. Anyone passing by an open window will pause, momentarily mesmerized by their scent. Everything is lively, blossoming, verdant. The dewdrops on the tall grass offer a cool respite to dragonflies, while wild clover is the sweet nectar that keeps bumblebees enthralled until nightfall.

And although this secret garden is the picture of summertime, we can imagine how it might give way to the seasons henceforth. The bursts of warmth in Autumn; chilly air rustling the crimson and orange leaves as they drift lazily to the earth. Tree branches laced with snow in winter - a wonderland of white beneath a cool, gray sky.

To be Here With the Magic is to have experienced the joy that comes from finding the space between the two. To be drawn to so these unique spaces, no matter how simple and unassuming each may appear. Be Here With us, won’t you? There is much to uncover in this secret garden. 🌸

Music: Spring Magic by Damon Greene